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Don’t suffer any longer. Suburban Chiropractic Clinic treats patients without the use of drugs or surgery. Let us help you relieve your pain.

About Our Facility

Suburban Chiropractic has been a Chiropractic clinic since 1964. We treat patients from 95+ years; from elderly too newborns. We have the ability to treat patients with many different types of injuries and conditions without the use of drugs or surgery. We offer same day service, handle your insurance paperwork and set you up with a personal treatment plan that will be most beneficial to your health needs.

You can afford it

Insurance Plans
We accept most insurance plans at our office. We accept personal injury, auto accident, workers compensation, and most health insurance plans, including Medicare & Medicaid. There are many different health care plans that vary in their coverage. Please call our office and our staff can verify and explain your coverage and benefits free of charge.

No Insurance
If you have little or no chiropractic coverage there is still a way for you to get care. We do accept cash payment options and many patients discover chiropractic can be an extremely cost effective form of care.

Don’t see your insurance listed here? Call our office at 586-777-6056 to verify if you’re covered.

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Vitamin Supplements

We have many different Vitamin supplement options to add to anyone’s lifestyle. Ask about a wellness consultation With Dr. Catherine today. Dr. Catherine is educated in nutrition and can guide you through the process of choosing the correct supplements for your needs.

15 Minute Appt.

For Current Patients

45 Minute Appt.

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